HammarBear - Weekend Landscaping update

So over the past week, I've been off of work, so I've been working on a landscaping project. Between the driveway and the house, there were tiger lilies that were way overgrown, weeds everywhere and stones. So, I decided to start digging up the dirt, sifting out the weeds and stones.


The first day, I worked up to the lilies, digging down about 8 inches, and poured the sifted dirt back in.


The second day, I dug out the lilies and spread them out a bit.


Yesterday, I dug out a bit of this here too, though the dirt was quite wet due to the 2 days of rain we had. I got rid of these plants here and dug to about the middle of the window.


After that, I put down 6 cubic feet of brown pine mulch, to help keep the weeds down and hold moisture in. I've got to put another bag out to thicken it up. I pulled out the tiger lillies and replaced them with some Iris flower bulbs. We'll see how that works out. The next dry evening I have, I'll dig out the rest of the strip.

Next, I've got to continue on the backyard.

More to come soon.


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