HammarBear - Marksman 001 (30 March 2020)

My last range trip before the world went mad, I made a bit of progress. This target was used to sight in my Ruger 10/22 and $80 amazon scope. 100yds might be a bit of a reach for the .22, since at 50, this rifle shoots entirely differently.


The first target I shot at at the 100yd range was this upper right target. Using my .223/5.56 Inter Ordinance M215 sporting rifle. After 30 rounds, I'm pleased to say that every shot I took at this target hit paper.


This was the final target of the day with the .223. I only shot about 25 rounds at this one. But, as with the other 2 targets, every shot I took hit paper. This grouping was much tighter than the first .223 target. Sadly...somewhere between the range and home, my $75 Wal-Mart Centerpoint scope got bent. The front end of the scope was touching the top rail...which is no good.
So...I ordered a Vortex Crossfire II scope, which is on the rifle now, but has yet to be sighted in.

More to come.


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