HammarBear - Gardening update 4/20/2020

As my gardening adventure continues, I decided I needed a way to collect rainwater that is easier than running out every 30 minutes to pour out a 5-gallon bucket. So, I checked with my friends and found one who had an empty one at his shop I could have, along with a few pallets. So, I went down and grabbed them this morning. I had to cut the top off of it so I could clean it out. It had wax-based paint stripper in it, so a good degreaser got it all cleaned up. Then I washed it out again with dawn dish soap.


The next step was to cut a hole in the side to allow the bulkhead fitting I bought at my local ACE hardware to pass through. I got a hole saw as well, but none of our drills here, apart from the small benchtop drill press, had a chuck big enough to hold the hole saw, so I had to use a step drill and cut it out that way. It worked, though the hole isn't exactly perfect. Oh well...there's a seal on the bulkhead, so we should be alright.


Thankfully I have long arms because it was quite a reach to put this through, all the way in the bottom. But, it's in, it's tight. On to the next step.


The second to last step was to add the spigot. I got this one at Ace as well today. It screws right into the ID of the bulkhead! How convenient. After I got it in, and clocked to the right position, I filled the barrel with water just above the bulkhead and looked for leaks. I didn't see any, so I tried the valve. And it totally worked. Not that I expected otherwise.

Next, I've got to build the platform for it and modify the downspout to go into the barrel. But that's going to have to be another day.



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