HammarBear - Gardening 003 (25 March 2020)

Today, I made more progress. I measured out the garden plots, and started grass removal. This is the 6' x 4' plot, spaced 4' from the fence and 4' from the compost bin.


This is the 8' x 4' plot, also spaced 4' from both the fence and bin. I also began removing grass from this section, and turning up the dirt.

This 4' x 4' plot is half of the larger plot. Even though it's March, I was surprised to see as many worms as I did. That's good, though. Worms in the soil are good for growing.


All the grass I pulled up was transplanted into this corner of the yard where very little grass has grown. Hopefully the grass takes off here.


The last thing I did today was patch part of the fence. The Ice storm we had a few years back broke out parts of the fence, and this particular spot has been subject to animal crossings...So I found this fence scrap and screwed it to the fence.

More to come.


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