HammarBear - Forging update - 18 April 2020

Today (Saturday), I got to go out and do some forging with my friend Kody again. Kody, if you remember, is a Ferrier, and has all the goodies needed to make knives, horseshoes and other metal things. I did work on a few of my own projects, but I figured I'd show what he has been working on. I forgot to post pictures of how this project started, but it was first was an old, dulled ferriers rasp. Using a paper template cut out to size, we traced it onto the rasp and cut it out using an angle grinder. From there, after unsuccessfully trying for a few hours to get the blade edge filed down, we opted to throw it into the forge to get it red hot, and forge the edge into it, which is better anyway.


As it got to the correct profile, it ended up widening the blade considerably, which wasn't a bad thing. We finally ended up with a shape close to what he wanted...


All we had to do was grind down a portion of the blade that ruined the curve of the back side of the blade due to the forging process displacing some material.

More forging to come soon.


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