HammarBear - 4/24 Garden Update 2

I Finally got down to business and built a platform for my rain barrel. My Dad helped me out a ton on this. He's done a ton of woodworking in the past, so he was a huge help. I used some lumber my neighbor gave me, as well as some 4" x 4" fence posts we had laying around the garage. The top planks are hard wood that came from a Pallet.


Next, we used 2" x 3" elbows we had laying around in a box, as well as a straight section of gutter tubing and a shelf bracket to divert the water to the barrel. The gutter is suspended from the bracket with mechanics wire, as it will be taken down at the end of the season. The entire pipe assembly is held together with self-tapping screws. I added a screen right before the final elbow to stop any leaves and debris. We took the lid I cut off of the barrel, and attached 2 pieces of pallet wood to the top to keep it from falling into the barrel. I made a funnel out of an empty water jug, and retained it with more wire and self tappers. It's not pretty...but it works...


To wrap it all up, I used a ratchet strap to secure it to the platform and shoved a hose up into the trough and ran water. I do have a few leaks in the downspout but not enough to worry about. Everything works as well as I hoped it would. Now all I need is rain....

More to come.


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