HammarBear - 4/15 gardening update

Well...the lack of direct sunlight as well as the potting situation being a bit small appears to be hurting my Tomatoes and Peppers...Gotta reconsider this one...


But on to the Garlic...and what a difference 2 days makes!! Look at the sprouts!! almost all 33 of them have pushed through the dirt!!


Of these 12 garlic trays, 8 of them have pushed through the dirt. The other 4 aren't far, though. I'm getting excited. Though, that excitement was dampened a bit when I learned that Garlic needs to go into the ground in the fall in colder climates....seeing as it's snowing out now...I'd say I'm about 8 months early with the garlic. Oh well...I'll put them in the dirt pretty deep, and hope the winter doesn't kill them.

Anyway...more to come.



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