Off-Road Trip: The Tin Cup Trails

After a long break, I'm back. And, I'm back with some different content. I'm not starting off my posting with NAIAS or AutoRAMA coverage, as I didn't go this year. Instead, I'll start off with something I did in late 2018.

I went 4-wheeling with a friend of mine several years ago, but I got back into it recently when my friend, Sam, messaged me, saying he just got a new set of General AT/2 All-Terrain tires on his truck. He wanted to test them out, so he invited me along on a trip up to Luther, Mi to the Tin Cup ORV trails.

Sam has a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 with the 5.3L Aluminum block V8, Four-Wheel Drive and factory locking rear differential.

I was impressed with what the truck was able to get through in 2WD. In fact, we were in 2WD for a good 95% of the trail.

Our road trip was in the height of the Northern Michigan Fall colors, so I had to take a ton of pictures.

Sams truck started out pretty clean. I don't think he had really tested the trail capabilities of the truck before this point.

The woods of Northern Michigan are quickly becoming my favorite part of the state. Part of me wants to own property up there.

The terrain on the trails changed back and forth between sandy fire roads and soft dirt two-tracks. Not really all that much mud, but I'd imagine it's quite muddy in the spring.

I learned the hard way, on the hike up the trail to get this next sequence of shots, why it's a good idea to wear boots instead of Vans skateboard shoes...

We did find some mud and a few deep puddles to play around in...

This definitely was not my last Off-Road-Trip of the year. Stay tuned for more posts. The plan is to have at least one up a week until events become more regular things.

Until next time.



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