Car Spotlight: Rusty, water-cooled VW Bus

A few weekends ago, I drove to Frankenmouth for Northern Worthersee. I don't own anything that is allowed into the show, so I had to park in the spectator area. But as I walked into the show, I saw this cool VW Bust. There's patina, there's custom metal work, and some very interesting features. 

The interior has some cool features. A right-hand drive conversion, a full roll cage that goes all the way to the rear, and a custom roof rack.


Walking around the rear, though, something is off. The rear engine cover has been replaced with a large radiator and a pair of electric fans. That and the addition of the two side air intakes hint that something is different.


A quick walk up to the rear shows the reason for the radiator on the normally air-cooled car. In place of the pushrod air cooled 4, a Subaru 2.5L water cooled flat 4 now lives at the rear.

I love stuff like this. Taking old cars and adding modern unique touches.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more NOWO content in the coming days.




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