Car Spotlight: 3 wheels of oddity

If you watched Top Gear like I did, you're familiar with this odd little 3-wheeler, known as the Reliant Robin. Often seen on two or less of it's three wheels, Clarkson, Hammond and May often poked fun at these. Hammond and May even, with the help of a team of aerospace engineers, turned one into a less-than-successful space shuttle.

The Robin, built in Tamworth, England, as well as Athens, Greece and Burntwood, England, is a three-wheeler, with the single steering wheel up front.


The Robin was powered by a 750cc inline-4 until 1975, when it was replaced by a "much bigger" 850cc OHV inline-4 making a truly "massive" 39bhp.


The interior is quite basic, with the only apparent features being roll-down windows, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, some gauges, a pair of seats with seatbelts and an easily-accessible gearshift lever...


The Robin also had the smallest tires I've ever seen on a car. 145R10's....

That wraps up this post. I'll leave you with this little red robin.

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