Car Spotlight: Another Early-Thirties Hot Rod

Here we are with another 1930's Ford. Though, unlike the previous Hot Rods I've posted, this one has most of it's body panels. And chrome....lots of chrome.


This Ford, like the one from Monday, has a Small Block Chevy engine (you can tell by the position of the distributor, behind the air cleaner.), and a full compliment of Edelbrock dress-up parts.


This kind of car is generally driven very few miles, though this one comes out to several shows. I'd assume most of the miles on this car are from driving to and from car shows, which, to be honest, is perfectly alright. Some people get all upset when a car is kept in a garage and not driven often. That cars are meant to be driven. I agree with that, but a car like this isn't the most ideal to drive on the local Lansing roads, where it looks like it rains hand grenades on a regular basis.


This car is, while not my favorite style, a well built car. It was built how the owner wanted it, and that is, at the end of the day, all that matters in a hot rod. Sure, I would have done it differently, but I didn't build this, nor am I building a hot rod, so, honestly, it doesn't really matter. I can respect the amount of work that wen into this car. And, for that...well done.

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