1968 Ford Ranchero

The Coupe-Utility, or, as the Australians call them, "Ute's", were kind of an oddity in the US. If I'm remembering this correctly, we had the Ranchero (and it's other FoMoCo variants), The El Camino (and it's other GM-Badged variants) The Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup, the Subaru BRAT and the Subaru Baja were the only examples sold here in the states. The El Camino is, I think, the most common example.


This 4th generation Ranchero shared many parts with the Fairlane and Torino from the same years.


Some of the cars from this era had some pretty cool interiors. I like the 3 separate pods for the Speedometer, Tachometer and Fuel/coolant and oil pressure gauges.

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