Guest feature: Peterson Car Museum Pt. 2

Being in California, near Hollywood, The Peterson Car Museum has a nice collection of famous movie cars. This Tim Burton-era Batmobile, for example. Built on a then-current Chevrolet Impala chassis, this car was seen in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).

The Batcycle, as seen in the 1966 "Batman" TV series, was a 1965 Harley Davidson motorcycle with a sidecar.


This is the Batpod, as seen in the Dark Knight (2008) and the Dark Knight Rises (2012), and is powered by a "High Performance Water-Cooled Single-Cylinder Engine."

The DeLorean that made DeLoreans famous was the Back To The Future time machine.


Also present was Magnum PI's 198 Ferrari 308 GTSi. Still one of my favorite Hollywood cars.


One of my childhood favorites was Herbie the Love Bug, from 1968.


And finally, Lightning McQueen, from the 2007 movie "Cars", I'm not sure how functional it is, but I'm pretty sure it was on the Auto Show Circuit last year.

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Photo Credit: Gannon Engels


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