Doug DeMuro Drives the Bugatti Chiron

 Doug DeMuro is one of the most well known car reviewers not connected to Top Gear, on youtube. 1.7 Million Subscribers, and about 300 videos, he gives a good review, starting with "Unique Quirks and Interesting Features" before getting it out on the road to see how it drives. And, after each drive, he scores it against all the other cars he's reviewed by giving it a "Doug Score", which rates the car based on criteria like Acceleration, fuel economy, ride quality, reliability, etc.

In this video, he's reviewing the current record holder for World's Fastest Production Car, and, possibly, Worlds Most Expensive Production Car, at nearly $3M USD...

This video is not mine, I'm just helping Doug out by getting his work out there. Go watch his other videos on his channel.



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