Stanced Trucks...They are growing on me

I've never really been a truck guy. But in recent years, I've been noticing trucks more and more. This GMC C-10 pickup really caught my eye at a recent Cars and Coffee event. The owner said it started its life as a county truck in Nebraska.

The chassis itself is stock, though the cab and bed have been dropped a bit, as you can see by the large front wheel wells, and, later on, in the bed. You might also notice the modern powerplant, in the form of the GM LS1 V8.


The interior is exactly how I would do it up. The original seat has been re-upholstered in this brown leather. The top of the dash is covered in the same leather material.


The patina on this truck is perfect. This is the original paint, left open to the elements.  You might also have noticed the white Detroit Steel Wheels, which really tie the whole thing together.

Stay tuned for more pictures.



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