Happy New Year

Hey, everyone. Thanks for sticking around. The winter here in Michigan has prevented me from getting out to any car events. There have been things going on, but not while I'm free.

Today is New Years Eve, 2017. I look forward to what 2018 brings, and am excited to get out to every car event I can make it to. Cars and Coffee, Car shows, Car meets, maybe even some Motorsports.

Stay tuned for that.

Starting on January 20th, the Public Show portion of the North American International Auto Show at COBO Hall in Detroit, MI is happening. I'll be going to that, as well as the Michigan International Auto Show in Grand Rapids, which runs February st thru the 4th, AutoRama, at COBO, from March 2 through the 4th. After that, it'll be near the official start to the Spring - Fall car season. Possibly a Cars and Coffee in February like we had this year, but we will see.

So, big things happening. I'm going to try to make these, as well as event's I've never been to.

Thanks for reading, and have a safe and happy New Year.



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