Video: Bugati vs. Koenigsegg - a 0-400-0 battle

You might have seen Bugatti's new Chiron Hypercar. Like the Veyron before it, the Chiron is an engineering marvel. 1479hp, 1180 ft-lb's of torque out of an 8.0L Quad-turbocharged W16 engine, propelling the 4,400lb car up to 60mph in 2.4 seconds, and on up to an electronically limited top speed of 261.

Bugatti, with the help of racing driver Juan Pablo Montoya, set the 0-400kph-0 record at 42 seconds, which you just watched. This was all done at the Ehra Lessien test track in Germany. You might remember that from the Top Gear episode where James May took the Veyron up to 253mph.

However, that wasn't enough. Christian Von Koenigsegg, creator of the amazing Koenigsegg supercars, thought they couuld do better...They brought one of their Agera RS cars to an airfield in Denmark. The surface was World-War II-era concrete, and dusty. Watch the video, keeping in mind the Bugatti's time...

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