Truck Feature: 1969 Kaiser M35A2 "Deuce and a Half"

We all know that one car guy that has had a long, interesting car history. In the Michigan State University car club, we have a few of them. But the only one to gain his own meme AND hashtag is Dante.  Recently, Dante had need of something that could haul things, pull a trailer, and, I'm convinced, be a conversation piece.


The M35A2 was built from 1950 to 1988. Designed by Lansing-Based REO motors, the two and a half ton truck was a staple vehicle used in Military applications.


The M35A2 utilized a REO-sourced 134hp 7.8L Inline 6 Turbocharged multi-fuel engine making 330 lb-ft of torque. This seemingly low-power engine was able to propel the 12,880lb (EMPTY) truck up to a top speed of 58mph.

The truck has a PTO drive off of the rear drive axle, a PTO-driven winch up front, 6-wheel-drive and a 5-speed manual gearbox hooked to a 2-speed transfer case.


The interior on the M35 was Purely functional. The driver got a sprung seat...and no other creature comforts.  Notice the chain on the floor...that's the entirety of the vehicles anti-theft system. There's no ignition key, door locks or steering lock.


The Military has rules, regulations and procedures for everything. The Deuce has it's own little "Pre-Flight Checklist"

But. Back onto the topic of the Multi-Fuel engine. Dante tells me that it's meant to be able to run on any oil or fuel found out in the field. Used motor oil, aviation fuel, diesel, fry oil, vegetable oil, hydraulic fluid, or, whatever else you could find.


One of the Miata guys pulled his car under the bumper of the Deuce to show the size of the truck.

The best part of these trucks is that, being MILSURP, you can find them pretty cheap at surplus outlets and auctions. And, being MILSURP, the surplus parts are also usually pretty cheap.

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