Car Spotlight: Ford GT40 Superformance Replica

There are normal cars. There are interesting cars. There are performance cars, and then, there are Legendary cars. The Ford GT is a legend among legendary cars. To keep things a bit more brief, check out this video from the youtube channel /DRIVE. The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, has also done a story on this.

Because of it's legendary status, original Ford GT's are going for prices in the mid-to-high $3mil range, which is unattainable to most of us. That's where companies like Superformance come in. You can get a replica that, for all intents and purposes, is a close enough replica to get it into the actual GT40 registry. According to their website, two-thirds of the parts on the Superformance replica are interchangeable with the original car.


You can buy the car as a fully-assembled car, or as a kit. The interiors are as close to the original as possible. These cars are also certified by Shelby.


If I remember correctly, this car uses the big-block Ford 426 (correct me if I'm wrong), and makes something north of 500hp.


The exhaust on this car is insane. The headers are intertwined with eachother and appear to be one piece. The car sounded absolutely amazing when it was started.

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