Car Spotlight: 1963 Dodge Coronet 330 Wagon

Being in Lansing, a GM town, It's not uncommon to see older GM vehicles. Fords are also common. But classic Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars tend to be a bit more unusual to see at local classic car meets and shows. This particular car, the 1963 Dodge 330 Wagon, was a variant of the Coronet.


The 330 had several engine options, from a 225 cubic inch slant-6 up to the 426 cubic inch V8. I'm not sure what engine this one has, as the hood wasn't opened while I was there.


I love wagons, especially old wagons. This one is, according to the owner, all original, other than the wheels and tires.


The faded paint, cracked and flaking chrome trim around the rear windows, and the small rust spots indicate that it is, in fact, original.


As I've said before, Classic Car Cruise-In's are always a great thing. Especially in towns like Lansing or Detroit, whose culture is deeply imbedded in the automotive industry.

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