Car Spotlight: 1942 Buick Super Eight sedan

Up until the last 2 years or so, I would have walked right past most classic American cars. Part of it was my stubborn enthusiasm for the Imports, and part of it was a subborn bias against American cars, based both on experience and observation. But, thanks to a few friends, and even co-workers, I have found an appreciation for the older cars. Especially when looking at it through the perspective of Automotive Progress. Sure, most modern cars don't have the same soul poured into the styling, the same level of attention drawn when rolling into a Cars and Coffee, or as much Steel between the extremes of the car and the driver, but I'd rather not be in an old car in an accident.

This 1942 Buick Super Eight sedan has a very specific styling. The wide, bubbly flares characteristic of cars from the 1940's, the big, chrome grille, the tall chrome bumperettes and the shade over the top of the windshield just add class to this car.


The Super 8 has the famous 248 cubic inch Fireball Straight-8 making about 100hp.


The large steering wheels, necessary due to the lack of power steering, were the centerpieces in the interiors of cars from this period. The Dash was just a simple, flat panel with vents and gauges. Nothing all that flashy, yet, still very cool.


I'm normally not a fan of chrome, though on pre-1970 cars, I love it. The side trim, the accent mouldings and the bumpers in chrome against the glossy black backdrop just draw attention to any car from this period.


As I've mentioned in previous posts, I love the simple touches. The unique badging and emblems on individual cars from the past. I want that to be a thing again. We see it a bit, on cars like the Impala, the Corvette, the Viper and the Hellcats, but on normal cars, it's a rare sight.

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