Car Feature: Bagged 2011 Honda Accord Coupe

Some cars just beg to be modified. Though, not all mods have to make the car fast. In fact, some modifications don't even have to change anything but how the car sits. This style is commonly known as "OEM Plus", and is extremely common in the Euro community. This 2011 Honda Accord Coupe is a great example of this.

Before I get into the specs of the car, I just need to say...Michigan State University has a TON of great places to shoot cars.

The first thing you need to know about this car is that it is sitting on an AirLift Performance 3P Air suspension and management system. Air Lift Performance is a local shop that has done suspension work on many cars that have become internet-famous.

This car is very subtly modified with an HFP lip kit, a roof spoiler, a set of 20x10.5 Vossen CVT wheels.


The trim around the windows has been redone in satin black, the grille and door handles have been color matched to the car, and the decklid has been completely debadged.


The tail lamps are from the 08 to 10 Accord coupe, and have been tinted. You might notice the quad-tip ATLP exhaust, which really adds a nice touch. This and the Takeda intake make the car breathe so much better.


The headlights have been retrofitted with a Dual-Projector setup with Halos, which you saw in the first picture.


Thanks to Amanda for bringing her car out to this small impromptu meet on MSU campus. The lighting couldn't have been more perfect.

Here is Amandas official mod list:


-HFP Lip Kit
-Custom dual projector retrofit with Halos
-Color Matched grille and door handles
-Satin black window trim
-Debadged trunk
-Tinted 08 - 10 tail lamps
-Weathertech window visors
-Roof Spoiler


-Takeda Intake
-ATLP Exhaust


-OEM Door sill plates
-AirLift 3P Air Ride Controller


-Air Lift Performance 3P Air suspension setup
-Custom air tank and line setup

-20x10.5 Vossen CVT

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