Car Culture: The Pickup Truck

The Pickup Truck: The most important tool for people who do manual labor for a living. For Farmers, construction workers, building contractors, car transporting, and thousands of other professions rely on these utilitarian vehicles.


What is a pickup truck, you ask? Simple. A Pickup truck is a fill-frame vehicle, with an open, utility bed in the rear, usually with fenders attached to the sides, and an engine with adequate torque, and power going to at least the rear wheels.


As the truck has evolved, it's gotten bigger. This one is considerably larger than the one starting this post off.


Some consider the El Camino to be a pickup, and I can see why. Technically, it's a "Coupe Utility", or "Ute" for short, if you live in Australia. The El Camino isn't full frame, though, and can't haul the weight that a regular pickup can.

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