Upcoming Event: 2017 Fall Cider Cruise

It's finally that time of the year when the leaves start to change colors, average intake temps make boosted cars faster, and the MSU Racing Club hosts the annual Cider Mill Run! 


We will meet up at the MSU Pavillion parking area on Michigan State University's campus (4301 Farm Lane, Lansing, MI 48910), and plan to roll out by 12:15pm, heading north via US-127.

Uncle John's Cider Mill (8614 North US-127, St Johns, MI 48879) is about a half hour at the speed limit.


I need to remind you all, though. This is a Cruise, not a race. Highway pulls, roll racing and reckless driving is not encouraged, and won't be tolerated. Per MSU Racing Club officers, anyone caught violating these guidelines, and, honestly, Laws, will be asked to leave, and possibly excluded from future events. That being said, this is a family-friendly event, open to anyone. Even if you drive a normal car.

Directions from the Pavilion Lot: goo.gl/maps/Uq2BEnu3Grw
Fore more information, and to ask any quesitons, check out the Facebook page.



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