New content on the way

You may have noticed that i have been trying for 2 posts per day on weekdays for a good portion of the summer. I feel that, as the nice weather changes to cold, rainy autumn and snowy winter, i may have shot myself in the foot by posting twice a day. Now, I am struggling to find content to post daily. It certainly isn't for lack of effort.

So, over the next few days, I will be putting some posts together. Maybe not tonight, or even this week. I dont work this weekend, so I plan to direct some effort towards preparing as much content as i can.

I went to the Olympic Broil Tuesday Night Cruise In last night, and am going to the MSU Racing Club meet tonight, so expect photos from those events soon.

Other than that, I plan to share posts from my favorite car culture sites that aren't limited by seasonal weather or a one man staff.

So, bear with me, and in the meantime, check out my instagram page.



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