Event coverage: Northern Worthersee 2017 - Mercedes

The next set of photos from NoWo is here. Mercedes...I can honestly say I don't know much about the brand. From what I can figure out, this is is a W220 S55 AMG, though I can't find any other pictures of an S55 with that grille. It could have been added after the fact.

This R230 SL-class was pretty nice.


This W204 C-class was another really nice looking car from the show. I just noticed that those fog lights are the style that many aftermarket companies have copied.


This C63 AMG was another great car. I'm a pretty big fan of these. I had a pretty awesome one built on Gran Turismo.


I'll finish up this post with this Blue Chrome C63 AMG, which you may recognize from both Import Face Off this year, as well as NoWo last year.

Thanks for reading, and, please, check back often for more.



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