Event Coverage: Northern Worthersee 2017 - The rest of the V-dubs.

The next installment of my pictured from NoWo brings all the rest of the Volkswagens. The Corrado was built between 1988 and 1995, and built on the Mk2 Jetta / VAG Group A platform. The Corrado came with 5 engine options, ranging from the 1.8L NA Inline 4, (Or a supercharged variant of that engine), up to the 2.9L VR6 engine.


This Type 2 Sirocco was interesting. Originally built from 1981 to 1992, and had engines ranging from 1.3 to 1.8. This example, however....doesn't have any of those.  This appears to have the 2.7L Biturbo V6 and AWD setup from an Allroad Quattro...This thing is awesome.


The "New Beetle".....yes, thats what it was called...You may have seen one. When they came out, most petrolheads thought it was the ugliest, most feminine car ever. And, honestly, look at it. It's shape consists of 3 semi-circles...And they came from the factory with a small flower vase in the dash beside the steering wheel. Certain companies even made wheels specifically for this vehicle that resembled Daisy flowers. But, in certain trims, options, or, apparently, a simple OEM+ setup, they kind of look cool...And this one is a TDi. A Diesel Bug.


These cars, built deom 1997 - 2011, were clearly inspired by the original Beetle. Part of the draw to these cars now is the shared platform with the MK4 Golf and Jetta, as well as the TT.


The A5 Beetle replaced the "New Beetle" in 2011, and is still in production, and shares the A5 platform with the Mk2 TT, Mk5 and 6 Jetta and golf, the EOS, Tiguan and many other VAG cars.

Well, that's it for Volkswagen. Stay tuned for more good stuff from NoWo 2017.



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