Car Spotlight: Super Clean 1991 E30 318is

It should be apparent now that I love cars. Sure, I tend to gravitate more to the Japanese cars, but I can appreciate all cars. Lately, or, more accurately, since Motorstad earlier this year, I've developed a special appreciation for the Euro cars. Each car scene seems to be different. Honda guys are different from Subaru guys, who are completely different from muscle car guys, and so on and on and on....and on. But I've noticed that Euro car guys in general tend to be a much more welcoming and nice bunch of guys. They'll talk to you without (for the most part) seeming to judge your knowledge or lack thereof of their chosen marque. This was especially evident when I was at Mad dogs and Englishmen at the Gilmore Car Museum.

While walking into NoWo this year, I saw this cool little 318is and had to get a closer look.


After seeing this E30, as well as the others at the show, along with the examples from other shows, they are really growing on me. But back to the car. This is the 318is, a model that, according to wikipedia, was only sold for the 1991 model year. It had the M42B18 1.8L inline-4 engine making 192hp, a respectable number in 1991, in a car weighing less than 3000lbs.


The thing that caught my eye about this car was the wide tires and bright silver wheels...


Which turned out to be Borbet Design "A" Sports wheels, which, in my opinion, look amazing on this car, as well as most cars of similar vintage. I love the deep dish, and the level that the owner went to to make the car this clean. Props to you.

I really wish I had the chance to chat with the owner of the car, but that didn't happen. If any of you know who the owner is, make sure he sees this post. I'd love to know more about the car.

I also kind of want a late 80's to early 90's BMW now...

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