Car Culture: Lead Sled

The Lead Sled...yet another staple in the "Kustom" car culture. The style gets it's name from the Lead sheeting used to help sculpt the lines on the car, and the fact that the cars sit so low, that, from the rear, they appear to be sitting completely on the ground.


Usually, a Lead Sled follows a formula. The cars are usually Chopped (roofline lowered), channeled (cuttung the underside of the car to make it sit lower on the frame.), frenched lights (Recessed and sculpted lights), void of any exterior trim, emblems, drip rails, door handles and locks, and a modified grille.


Other common features include a dressed-up engine bay...


A completely custom interior...


And a super low ride height, often acchieved with hydraulics or air ride. I especially like the hood prop, a replica of the modified baseball bat, as seen on the Walking Dead.

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