6 ways car events get ruined

I understand that it is a bit late in the season to post this up, but I've been neglecting rewriting this post for a while now. But, that doesn't mean it's not important. We’ve all seen those posts on Jalopnik and reddit that list ways to ruin car meets. As a car guy that frequently attends weekly car meets, I’ve seen examples of every one of these, some of which have nearly gotten us kicked out of our usual meet location. Here is my list of 7 things that make for a less-than-ideal experience at a car meet or car show. Also, I've edited this from the last time it was posted up. I've been educated in a few of the different areas that I covered, and have changed my viewpoint a bit. So, here we go, in no particular order.

6: Bad / Inconsiderate parking. There's a huge difference between angle parking with your crew, and parking like a complete tool. This isn't such at small meets, but at larger events, like cars and coffee, small cruise-ins at small restaurants, or at big car shows, parking can become scarce. More so when show goers aren't conscious of the spot they are trying to pull into. When you park up at a car show, pay attention to what's around. If everyone is backed it, back in as well. If you aren't good at reversing, pull all the way through to the next spot, if possible, so you can just pull out. If your doors open wide, account for that. It's common courtesy. Also, if everyone is backed in, follow along and back in as well. Otherwise, you are just telling everyone that you really don't care about the event, in which case....why did you go?

6: Bragging about or encouraging illegal activities. Street racing, running from the Police, highway pulls and excessive speeding are all fun, but both Illegal and Dangerous. While some meets eventually end up on the streets for late-night racing, the large majority of them are strictly parking meets. I'm not sure if it's the adrenaline rush, or the stories, but bragging about that time you evaded the cops on your motorcycle, or when you gave a cop the finger while doing 150mph, it's probably best that you keep that to yourself. In both of my car clubs, that kind of activity is not tolerated. And, seriously, we all know you weren't in Mexico...

4: We have all seen those kids that freak out in public places, and are generally misbehaving. I'm not going to judge you on your parenting skills, or lack thereof, but if your kids are often a handful, or are known to destroy things on a regular basis, maybe rethink bringing them to the show or meet. Make sure your kids know that, unless it is your own car, it's impolite to touch or climb on or into a car on display. Even if you don't think it's anything special.

Which Brings me to my next point.

3: This one really gets me going. There are millions of petrolheads, with varying degrees of knowledge, experience and interests. There are GM V8 guys, Mopar guys, Ford guys, Mustang guys, etc. Each group inexplicably hates the others. It's not a dick measuring contest, guys. Don't give the Import guys flak because they have half the number of cylinders a "Real" car has. Last time I checked, every car out there is a real car. Everything from the little Peel P50 all the way up to the most powerful and expensive Hyper cars. And for every make and model, there is a group of enthusiasts. 

And, for most people, the cars they choose to work with are all they can afford. Most people aren't in the financial position to build a 4-digit Supra or a widebody Lamborghini. And everyone has their personal tastes, and needs. Sure, that 1980's G-body Monte carlo on 40 inch wheels, or that brand new Audi on air-ride and shiny wheels might not be your thing, but the person who owns that car likes it, and probably spent a lot of time and money getting it that way. At least appreciate the process.

I promise you, if you are one of those guys that goes to a car event and just talk trash about everything but your own car and others like it, most people at the show wouldn't miss you if you left.

2: One-ups-man-ship: We've all met that one guy that has to top your story, or make you feel like what you've done to your car is nothing, because they've done something better. Making other people feel smaller or more insignificant just to make yourself feel better is a great way to make your experience at a car meet less enjoyable, not to mention everyone else.

1: Hooning. There's a time and a place for Hooning. Most Car shows, Car Meets and anywhere around crowds and other cars is not the right place, except for very specific situations. Things like Burnouts, excessive revving, speeding through the meet venue, activating your two-step / Antilag system (which makes the exhaust shoot fire, and sound like automatic gunfire), and other similar things are all the fastest way to ruin the entire meet for everyone else. 

And I know every one has heard about the cars that crash on the way out of Cars and coffee meets. I completely understand that you have built your car to go fast, make noise and generally be a fun car to drive. But there is a time and a place for that. And public streets, especially with the type of crowds that show up at car events, are no place for that. Sadly, this is far too common. Just look up "Cars and coffee crash" on youtube and you will see how common this is. 

and on the topic of getting kicked out of venues. People who organize car meets the correct way go through a lot of trouble to get everything set up. One guy incessantly revving his car, or hitting antilag can cause people living in neighboring areas to file noise complaints. One guy getting sideways when leaving the parking lot can cause someone to call the police. 

In conclusion, don't be that guy. You know that guy. No one likes that guy....or girl.



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