Event Coverage: Mad Dogs and Englishmen at the Gilmore: MG-T

Mad Dogs and Englishmen brought out both a wide variety of different English marques, but also a diverse spread of individual models within the marque. This post will cover the T-type MG's.  Sadly, I can't tell the difference between a TA, TB, TC, TD and TF model, or any of the T-type Midgets. So, to avoid angering the entirety of the MG Owners Club and all of the English Car Enthusiasts who might sumble upon this post at some point, I'll simply refer to each as a T-type.


As I've learned while researching for this post, the T-type was built in Abington, Oxfordshire, England from 1936 to 1955 with seemingly few subtle changes. It seems most of the changes were mechanical.


The T-type had a few engines over it's 19-year run, ranging from the MPJG OHV 1,292cc I4 to the updated XPAG 1,250cc and 1,466cc XPEG I4's.


Most T-types were soft-top roadsters. The T-type kept many design features that other manufacturers did away with in the late 30's and early 40's


Things like the split hood, big fenders and low doors. The T-type was replaced by the MG-A in 1955. Check in later today for the MG-A post.

Thanks for reading. And, like always, check back often for more content!



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