Car Feature: Wolseley 15/50

At Mad Dogs and Englishmen, there were several cars and marques present. Some, I was familiar with. Others, I was not. This is one such car. The Wolseley 15/50.


Based on the more powerful and more popular MG Magnette, the 15/50 was powered by a 1489cc Inline 4 engine.


The interior is quite upscale for it's time. The 15/50 was a bit more upmarket from the MG. The Walnut dashboard and door caps, nice leather upholstry and polished chrome all add up to an absolutely gorgeous interior.


The name, 15/50, irritates me, though, as I feel it should be re-written as 3/10...


Overall, the car was one of the coolest cars I've never heard of at the show.

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