Car Feature: The crazy little Chevette

I almost never see Chevettes around. I love quirky, obscure cars, so when I see a Chevette, I have to stop and look at it. As I walked up to it, I noticed a few things that seemed odd. First, it was the wide rear fenders. Then, I noticed under the hood...

There was something place of the 1.6L inline 4 was a large Nitrous bottle on top of a racing fuel cell....which, if you didn't know, isn't normal.

I looked inside and saw the Hurst Lightning Rod shifters...which also isn't normal. I glanced to the rear of the car, and noticed a Huge difference....

In place of the normal cargo area of a normal Chevette was a ton of aluminium sheeting surrounding something that didn't seem to fit....

In the center of all of the aluminium was this Oldsmobile 425c.i.d. Rocket V8 and transmission from an Oldsmobile Toronado....It seems to be really well done. I'd love to see this thing go down a drag strip. 

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