Car Feature: 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Starfire Coupe

 Lansing is the birthplace of Oldsmobile, the now-defunct automaker known for cars like the Delta 88, the Cutlass and the Vista Cruiser. Oldsmobiles, like any other brand, have been customized since they were new. This is one such example.

 Originally fitted with a 394-c.i.d. Starfire V8 rated at 335hp. This example seems to have been either swapped or just extensively rebuilt and chromed, complete with working Air-Conditioning and heater.

This car has some of the most gorgeous body lines of any car from the early 1960's, in my opinion. It could be the stance, the paint, or just the whole car in general, but I loved this car.

The interior seems to have been re-upholstered in cloth, and is fairly spartan by todays standards, but still gorgeously executed.

The car sits on Airlift Air-Ride, which I only noticed when I saw the air controller cleverly tucked into the glove compartment.

Overall, I think this was my favorite car at the show. I think it should have won best in show. I'm not sure who did win, as I took off a bit early. Either way, it has my vote.

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