Event Coverage: Motorstadt 2017 - part 1

Yesterday, I mentioned I was heading to Pontiac for a Cars and Coffee event at M1 Concourse. Sadly, I must have dropped the SD card I filled at the event, because I can't find it anywhere. So, Unterseetunnel, there will be no coverage of that event. I did, however, manage to hold on to the card I shot Motorstadt on.
I had heard about Trabants, as well as seen videos about these things. Built in East Germany from 1957 through the 1990's, remaining largely unchanged in it's nearly 40-year lifespan. For more information, keep your eyes open for a feature on this car.

Every Euro event i've been to so far, I've seen this car. It's based on "Herbie" from the titular movies back in the 60's and 70's.

This rare "Harlequin" Golf actually came from the factory like this. It's Paint code, from what I heard, is simply a ".", and the color is known as "Jazz"

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