Car Feature: Boosted IS300

Every Wednesday night on the campus of Michigan State University, the student car club meets up in front of the planetarium. Many of us that come to hang out and talk cars aren't currently students. Some of us didn't even attend MSU. Rutger, one of the long-time regulars, has had several interesting cars since he started hanging out with the club. When he first got this car, it made something like 560hp to the wheels. It's got a built 2JZ-GE block and VVTi head, a non-divided T4 PTE6870 Turbo with a smaller compressor cover. and turbo, as well as a healthy tune and an E85 conversion. Most recent dyno numbers put the power at 940whp and 755wtq. The power is sent to the rear through a built v160 6-speed manual, and a stock IS300 with a Kaaz locker.

There are several original Japanese-Market items on the car, as well. The Altezza grille, toyota rear badging, Altezza gauge cluster and a Carbon Fiber hood and decklid.

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