Car Feature: BMW 2002

Each year at EuroHangar, the aforementioned "Hangar" is where EH spotlights some incredible cars. These are some of the most intensive, all-out, no expense spared, no detail missed builds I've ever seen. This beautifully restored and heavily modified BMW 2002 was, to quote James May, "The first to arrive. And as you can see, they've done things properly."

I'm told by other show-goers that this car has the 2.3L engine from an E30 swapped in, and has extensive modification in other areas. I was following the truck and trailer that transported this car to the show. Based on the negative camber in the rear, I believe that this car has been modified more than what you can see here. Hopefully the owner contacts me with more details, at which point, I'll update this post.
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