2017 MSU Car Show: The Roll In

This weekend was the 7th Annual MSU Car Show, as was a rather large rainstorm...Still, there were people who showed up to the show. This Corolla was one of the first cars that rolled in.

A large group from the title sponsor, Rally Kings, rolled in at once. This Genesis might look familiar to some of you. It was parked in the basement at the Detroit Auto Show.

There were several Subaru's at the show, like every event we host.

The weather kept alot of the higher-powered muscle cars and sports cars away. But the Subarus and Euro cars were out in force.

The Black and Gold on this WRX was really nice. I'd roll without the front bumper if I had this car, too.

Be sure to check out Christian Skarli's photography page and Instagram for some more photos.

The weather, while awful for a car show, was awesome for taking photos.

This BMW Limo is apparently a super rare car. The owner said it's one of the only examples in the US, and one of a very few actually in existence.

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