It all starts with $0.98

After reading Mike Garrett's post on Speedhunters about his love of Die-Cast cars, I was inspired to my own post.
As long as I can remember, I've had Matchbox and Hotwheels cars. My parents got them for me now and then when I was young. Thankfully, they weren't expensive, at just $0.98. 30 years later, they haven't gotten any more expensive. Which, oddly, has to be some kind of record. Few things remain the same price for more than 30 years. I can only think of a few, actually. Arcade tokens, Hotwheels / Matchbox cars and that $0.01 pony ride thing at the store.
There's a saying regarding the hobby: "The most expensive hobby in the world starts with $0.98." And it's 100% true. These little bits of plastic, die cast metal and paint got me interested in what is now, more or less, my life. 
Cars are a HUGE part of my life now. For most of my adult life, so far, I've worked in an Automotive-related field. From delivering auto parts for Auto Value to being a Dealership Parts guy. I've made cars my livelihood. 

Even my free time and weekends are consumed with Car things, be it road trips to places like Road Atlanta for Formula Drift, day trips to Car Museums or private car collections, or just hanging out at local car meets and car shows. I live and breathe cars.

As a kid, every hotwheels car I got came out of the package. It's a toy, play with it, right?

I'd play with them, arrange them just so to take pictures. With some of them, I'd even take outside and make off-road courses in the sandbox. But as I got older, I started to take a bit better care of them. I also started to look for more realistic items like this collection of Porsche 911's/

I remember one Christmas, while looking for gifts for the family, whoever set up the Hot Wheels display had put a bunch of these Thread Caddys for sewing. As you can see, a hotwheels car fits perfectly in the slots. Sometimes, more than one. The cars I cared more about, like the trio of Skylines here, got their own slots.

Recently, after reading Mike's post, I decided to hang some up on the wall. still in the packaging. 

When I get a bigger office, I'm going cover the entire office wall with Hotwheels and other Automotive decor. Or maybe build a nice Plexiglass display case.
 Eventually, I'll be doing up more in depth posts, highlighting certain parts of my collection. I may even, at some point, be willing to sell of parts of the collection.

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