Greater Lansing Cars and Coffee: April 2017 - Part 1

This weekend was the second Cars and Coffee event in the Greater Lansing area this year. We had a HUGE turnout, with a wide variety of cars. One of the brightest cars present was this 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber. Check the site tomorrow for a feature on this car.
Early on, Subaru had a high concetration, with nearly 10 in attendance. This example, now with it's second owner, has changed a bit since I saw it first. It's now lacking its white wheels, Air-ride and front light bar.

And in place of the missing mods was both the brightly-colored wheels and this massive rally-spec wing.

Also present was this SVT Raptor pickup. This version still has a V8, though I'm not sure if it's the 5.4L or 6.2L variant.

There's just something about the Raptor that excites me. Maybe it's the factory-installed long-travel suspension, or wide fenders, or clearance lights, or hood vents...either way, this truck is badass.

This car has been shown on this site many times previously. Nathan Usher, MSU Racing club member and Rally America driver, has had this car for some time now. Starting it's life as a bugeye WRX hatch, it's seen a few engine swaps, rollovers, impacts with trees and hundreds of lbs of gravel inside it, it's now a proper stage-rally car. 
We get all sorts of cars at C&C. Sometimes, we get vehicles with less than 4 wheels. You may have seen the Morgan 3-wheeler in past posts. Sometimes, we even get bikes.

This Shelby GT350R mustang was one of 2 in attendance. Check in the coming days for a feature.

Wrapping up part one is this Corvette C7 Z06. Still my favorite version of the Corvette.

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