Greater Lansing Area Cars and Coffee: April 2017 - Part 3

To wrap up my coverage of this weekends Greater Lansing Cars and Coffee, we start off with this Celica GT-Four clone. According to Colton, the owner, plans for the car include a possible All-wheel drive conversion, engine swap and some other bits to complete the GT-Four look.

One of two Shelby GT350's this weekend, but the only 350R, you might remember this car from the September 2016 C&C Coverage.

This 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX sedan has a bit of sleeper status going for it.
This BRZ is the owners second GT-86 car. His first being a white FR-S that had an unfortunate wreck with a 72 Datsun 260Z.

This C63 AMG is a huge change from Forest, it's owners, previous car, a Mazda RX-8.

For a while, I heard a car hitting anti-lag behind me, and wasn't sure which car it was. turns out, it was this 2011 Camaro

This car is no stranger to this site. Chris O.'s Widebody S2K is a regular at C&C and MSURC Meets.

This 2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo was a pretty nice little car. The wheels, Rally Armor mudflaps and MBRP exhaust makes it a bit different from the normal Velosters I've seen.

This GTO is another C&C regular. One of the cleaner GTO's I've seen.

And finally, I'll finish this coverage up with this gorgeous blue Chevy Chevelle SS. The color and stance is Perfect.

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