Gear: Canon Rebel EOS XS

Since the start of this Blog, I've been striving to improve my abilities. For the earlier posts, all I had was my cheap Tracphone Samsung Galaxy Precedent 5mp phone camera and my Olympus FE-310 point and shoot, now dubbed the Potato Cam" due to it's poor video quality. In more recent posts, I've used a mixture of my (now dead) SJcam action cam (go-pro clone), my Nokia Lumia Icon 929 (20mp windows phone), Samsung Galaxy S7 or this Canon Rebel EOS XS 10mp camera.
In 2013, I briefly borrowed my sisters Olympus A-500 8mp DSLR for my trip to Georgia for Formula Drift. This Canon, though has been my best camera to date, though I'd love to upgrade to something with video capability. I got this lens with the XS, both from a friend of my sisters.

One of the best pieces of kit I've picked up was this CustomSLR GlideOne strap via the Speedhunters store. It allows the camera to hang at my side rather than in the "Tourist" location in front.

I'll be doing more posts in the future relating to Gear, so keep an eye out for that. I'd eventually love to get a newer camera, like a Canon T6i, but I'm not to the point where I can make that purchase. Until that point, the XS will carry on as my go-to camera.



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