Formula Drift 2017: Round 1 - Streets of Long Beach, CA

A couple of weekends ago was the first round of the 2017 season of Formula Drift, kicking things off on the Streets of Long Beach.

Speedhunters own Paddy McGrath did a fantastic writeup on James Deane's victory. Deane, having done very well on the European circuits, started his first full season on the lineup of the US series. (photo credit: Paddy McGrath)
According to the official Formula Drift website, the tournament bracket shows a great story. Heavy hitters like Gittin Jr., Justin Pawlak, Chris Forsberg and Ken Gushi got through to the second round while others, like Dai Yoshihara, CHelsea DeNofa and Robbie Nishida got eliminated in the first round. Round 2 shows a bit more of an upset as Gittin, Wiecek, Bluss, Ritanen, Essa, Gushi, PAwlak and Field were eliminated. Watching the final battles between Bakchis, Deane, Meilbrunn and Tuerck must have been insane live. In the end, though, Deane took the Win. (Photo Credit:
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Thanks for reading, and be sure to catch the next Formula D event on the Streets of Orlando, Florida on April 28 and 29 .



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