Feature: Slammed WRX Hatch

For a while, the Michigan State university Racing Club had a very heavy concentration of Subarus. This one, a 2006 WRX hatch, belonged to Steve, one of the past regulars. Steve has since graduated, and is practicing law out of state.

Sitting on a set of BC Racing BR-type coilovers cranked all the way down, and utilizing the optional rear camber plates, this car was low enough that Steve had to take alternate routes through campus to get to the meets.

This car went through several minor cosmetic changes, including wheels, splitters, stickers, roof baskets, roof racks and such. My favorite sticker is the Olie sticker, the weather man from Family Guy, and the rather apt "It's gon scrape" quote.

This was the final iteration of the car before Steve moved away. We installed the STi front bumper and fenders at a club wrench day.

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