7th Annual MSU Car Show

The MSU Racing Club 7th Annual Spring Car Show is finally here! We know everyone has been waiting for so long for us to announce the date of the show this year, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. This year we had to relocate the show due to construction on campus, and that pushed things back quite a bit. This year we are very proud to announce that we will be hosting the show on Jackson National's West Campus!

Thanks to JNL, the show has an amazing and new venue!

The Show this year is brought to you by Rally Kings and Airlift Performance! We would like to thank all the sponsor for making this year’s show possible!

The show will take place at 9:00 AM and will end at 3:00 PM. The location will be on the West campus main lot, the larger lot closest to Sandhill Road.

All vehicles must be properly insured and fully road legal prior to entering the show grounds. Any and all reckless behavior will NOT be tolerated and you will be told to leave. There will be Police present to make sure traffic is under control, as well as keeping everyone in check. Jackson was very kind to allow us access to their property and we would love to maintain a good partnership with them for future events! Please behave like adults and respect the property. We will have the exhaust competition this year as well and will require the vehicles to ONLY be in neutral. Thank you for proudly representing the MSU Racing Club and behaving in an appropriate manner. No alcohol will be allowed into the event.

Registration will be up this morning!

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Club and making events like this possible! Lets make this show the best one yet! Invite your friends, family and co-workers.

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