Speedhunters: A Bagged Porsche 356

It's no secret that I enjoy modified cars. I have a bit of a thing for Classic cars that have been modernized or done up in current styles. While browsing Speedhunters this morning, I saw this, and had to share it. This is a Porsche 356. Don't panic, though, no actual 356 was modified. The Chassis is a custom-built unit from Speedster Clinic, in the UK. The body is a one-piece fiberglass shell, apart from the bits that open. (photo Credit)

This car was spotted by Speedhunter Jordan Butters at the Ultimate Dubs show in Telford, England. According to his post,  It's sitting on Air Lift Performance bags in the rear, and AirKewld front air shocks, controlled by a BagRiders controller. Check out this post for more pictures, and to read Jordan's writeup on the car. (photo credit)
Thanks for checking this out. Be sure to browse Speedhunters and this blog as well for more car things.



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