One-Make Dream Garage: Rules

Often a topic of conversation among my car friends, "Favorite Cars" is a very tough question to answer. Not only because of the sheer variety of cars out there, but also differing tastes, trends, or even purpose create the need or want for specific types of car. So, Sam, a friend of mine, and I came up with this little game here on the long drive to Indianapolis when we went to the Indy Motor Speedway Museum. Keep in mind, as it's just a game, and doesn't have to reflect your current financial status, money should not play a role.

Here are the rules:

1. 10 car garage.

2. One manufacturer only, though custom builds are allowed. For example, you could choose Porsche as your manufacturer, and include cars from Singer, Gemballa, RUF and such, so long as the starting point is a car from your chosen manufacturer.

3. You need a vehicle to fit each of the following slots (and must have been engineered for said purpose.)
--Daily Driver (if you live in a warm climate where a year-round daily can be a nice car)
--Winter Beater* (If you don't get snow, ice, or temperatures below 40 degrees F, ignore this one)
--Track Day Car (Road Course, Autocross, Drag, Rally, Etc. Get's trailered to the event)
--Weekend fun car (non-track day car, but can be tracked)
--Tow Vehicle** (Pulls trailer. Must be rated for towing at least 4,500 lbs)
--Family Car (Must seat 4 - 8)
--Restoration Project
*--Anything (assuming you don't need a Winter Beater)

4. Any road-going car must be road legal on your area. Modifications are allowed, within reason.

5. No Duplicate cars. For example, If you use Porsche, as stated earlier, You can't just use the same car across the board. You can use cars with identical models, as long as they are at least 1 model year apart.

6. Your choices are subject to ridicule by your peers.

** If your chosen manufacturer doesn't make a vehicle that meets the towing requirement, a substitute can be chosen from another manufacturer based in the same country of origin as your chosen brand.

So, with that all being laid out, let's see what you all would have.



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