Just learned about Korean V8 SuperRace...

Apparently, there is an Asian variant of Australias "V8 Supercars", using both First Generation (BH) and Second Generation (DH) Geneses Sedan race cars, and, more recently, Cadillac ATS Sedans. (photo link)

Sponsored by Hello Mobile, these cars all run a variant of the Hyundai V8. This BH Genesis seems to, like most racing cars, have little in common with the Genesis cars we see come into our dealership.   (Photo Link)
There isn't much information online about the series. No specs on the cars, no driver information, and little video footage.
I didn't even know it existed until I found a video of this crash, nestled in the middle of a Touring Car Crash Compilation video last night. I'll have to go through the list of crash videos I watched to find the exact clip, but I think I could find it. As you can see, this is from the same race, or close to it, that is in the first picture.  I found this picture by searching "Kim Jin-Pyo Crash", as it was a photo tag on google for one of the images. Not sure which car was piloted by Kim Jin-Pyo, but my guess is, it's the car flying out of frame. (photo credit)
It appears that they've switched from the Hyundai models over to some awesome-looking Cadillac ATS-V Coupes. (Photo Credit)
According to the translated web page, these cars are running a 6.2L V8 making about 450hp. Seems like a fun series to watch. I'd just like to learn a bit more about it.
All I've found, though is this blog entry with a few photos, and this site for CJ Sports with a little bit of information. Other than that, there isn't much to be found. Simply searching "CJ SuperRace", which is what the series is known as, brings up a list composed entirely of photos of the models employed by each team. So I'm thinking that The models promote the teams, who in turn, promote the models? Seems like an interesting strategy.

Anyway, if you have more information on this series, please, let me know.



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