Hot-Rod Miata? Yes, Please!

The Mazda MX-5 Miata. Since it's original iteration in the late 1980's, this has been the prime choice for a gearhead on a budget who wants to get a good, cheap, fun car that he (or she) can thrash around a track, and drive to work the next day. Some people keep their Miata's stock, and enjoy them as the engineers saw fit. Others add a bit of power, maybe lower it a bit, and generally make the car handle better. And others, well...they do this to it. This car, featured on Speedhunters back in 2015, is a rather unusual example. Using a rebuilt Ford 302 Small-Block V8 mounted in a custom front end inspired by classic '32 Ford hot rods, this is definitely a unique build. Check out the link above for the whole article. Louis Yio takes some amazing shots and, as always, Mike Garrett did an amazing write-up on this car.




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