Greater Lansing Cars & Coffee : March 2017

Yesterday started off the 2017 season of Cars & Coffee in Lansing. Going into the meet, I was not expecting a large turnout, as it was 30 degrees and overcast this morning. However, as the morning went on, we saw warmer temperatures, and with them, a good turnout. Sadly, my pictured didn't turn out nearly as well, so excuse the lack of a long Photo Post.
This widebody Honda S2000, owned by the gentleman standing by the drivers door, is always cool to see. He drove into the meet wearing the Stormtrooper helmet.
I love cars done up like this. The cut rear bumper fascia, tall GT-style wing and low-mounted diffuser make for a super agressive track-focused look.

This little MX5, owned by the tall guy in the picture, is another track-focused car. It is a bit funny to watch Jake, the owner, who stands almost 6'8" tall, get into and out of the car, as the top of the door is just above his knee.

The subtle little touches on the car, like the small ducktail, the roll bar and the Enkei RPF1 wheels all add to the track-ready look. 

This CTS-V Wagon was another nice car. As always, it gathered a bit of a crowd. the couple who owns it is always helpful to talk about the car. They get the same reaction with all of their cars, including the Morgan 3-wheeler.

This Scion FR-S was a rather interesting car. From the back, you'd assume it was a typical Tuned Import car, what with all the stickers.

But when you get round to the front, all becomes clear. This is a Drift car. as far as I know, he doesn't compete in any Professional or Amature series, but I could be wrong.

I love Subarus. Especially the Turbocharged STi variant. When I saw this one, I had to stop and look at it. 

At first glance, it's a super nice example of what appears to be a completely stock 05 STi. After looking closer, that was confirmed.

The owner was happy to meet the other Subaru guys present, and was happy to talk about the car, including pointing out all of the little dents, dings, scrapes and scratches, as well as his plans for the car, and his other project cars. 
For all of you who came out today, thanks for braving the cold. If you learned of the event from this site, please, let me know in the comments.

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